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Kid Canaveral and added value

Not strictly related to The A Forest, but I got my pre-order package of the Kid Canaveral album in the post this morning, and as you can see from the picture it’s a nice wee bundle. For a tenner plus … Continue reading

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The A Forest hit the charts!

Hello! “Polar White” has hit the Top 10! Okay, it’s the top 10, but you’ve got to start somewhere! I think if enough people play/download/rate “Polar White” on their website, there’s a chance it’ll make it on to the … Continue reading

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Polar White – out now

As a taster of the forthcoming album, you can download the first single now for free (well, in exchange for your email address) from Bandcamp. “Polar White” shows off the more electronic side of the band, with programmed drums and … Continue reading

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Historical artefacts

Once upon a time I had a go at writing a general blog, mostly about music, photography and films. It’s a lot harder than it looks. One of the ideas I had (stolen from someone else) was to write a … Continue reading

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Where things are just now…

Hello. As you can see, our website has been updated to a blog format. The old one hadn’t been touched for a long time, but to be fair there hadn’t been much to update. Hopefully that has now changed! We … Continue reading

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